About Light up a Life...

a place to remember

Welcome to Light up a Lifeā€¦ a place to remember, where you can create a personal online tribute to keep a loved one close at heart. Share favourite memories, treasured photos and keep their light shining brightly by inviting family, friends and colleagues to add to their personal tribute page.

At St Oswald's Hospice, we know how important it is to celebrate life. When someone we love dies, we never move on, but we can still move forward with our lives without leaving them behind. Maintaining an enduring connection is an important part of the grieving process They continue to live in our hearts and our head as we remember the good times, mark anniversaries, share silly moments and take comfort when things feel tough.

Creating an online tribute page for your loved ones means that there is always somewhere to share that memory, the words that pop into your head when you think of them or a favourite photo. We hope it brings you comfort.

It's your place, their place, it's a place to remember.